Wisconsin Society of CPM Membership Survey

Instructions: We are using this survey to gather important feedback on how we can improve our association programs and services in the coming year. We'd like to know what conference and professional development topics are of most interest to you, and gather in your ideas on how to improve our membership services. Please take the time to give us your valued input so we can better meet your needs in the future. Thank you!

1. How long have you been a member of our association?
Less than two years Between 2-5 years 6-10 years Over 10 Years
2. Would you consider yourself an active, participating member of our association?
Disagree Strongly Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
3. If not, what is your biggest reason you are not that active? (Time, cost, not meeting your needs, etc.)

4. If you are active in our association, what is the biggest draw or benefit for you in your membership?

5. Please select from the list below the top three benefits you see in belonging to our association:
Networking with other professionals
Professional Development and Education
Sharing best practices with other members
Staying on top of current trends and issues in our business
A source to turn to for advice and help
Attending conferences and conventions
6. Please rank your overall satisfaction level with your membership experience in our association
Not Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Very Satisfied

Please rank from 1-5 how much you'd like to receive more professional development from our association in these topics:
7. Resolving conflict (team and interpersonal)
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
8. Communicating more effectively: assertiveness, active listening, understanding communication styles in self and others
9. Delegating: how to delegate better to others
10. Leadership: how to be a more powerful, influential and effective leader
11. Managing stress in self and in team
12. Customer service: how to really deliver extraordinary service
13. Holding more effective meetings: how to lead meetings for better results and accountability
14. Teamwork: building and improving teams
15. Dealing with difficult customers
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
16. Marketing: latest trends and tools in marketing
17. Creating effective vision, mission and values statements and instilling vision in others
18. Strategic thinking and planning: how to do strategic and operational planning
19. Dealing with difficult personalities, co-workers and people
20. Goal setting and action planning: turning strategt into definitive actions and SMART goals
21. Conducting behavior-based job interviewing: finding and hiring the right people
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
22. Effective listening: how to become a more effective, active listener
23. Sales training: how to sell more effectively
24. Working with and motivating student employees
25. Improving Office Communications
26. Motivating and empowering others
27. Managing my time better, and helping others manage their time
28. Coaching and counseling others to improve performance
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
29. Crucial Conversations: how to handle tough, crucial, emotion laden conversations in order to get to better results
30. Managing projects: how to plan, direct and see-through large and small projects
31. Holding Crucial Confrontations: how to deal with broken promises, violated expectations and poor behavior in a safe but constructive way.
32. Creative problem solving and creative thinking
33. Six Sigma: quality control and improving processes to reduce errors, defects and reduce costs
34. Tracking actions: staying on top of all that is going on
35. Networking: how to create and maintain a professional network
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
36. Diversity: appreciating diversity and how to use it as a tool. and sensitivity to diversity
37. Initiative: how to show the right kind of initiative
38. Retailing operations: merchandising, etc.
39. Improving work processes: ways to make work flow more effectively and efficiently
40. Followership: how to be a more effective team player and follower
41. Technology changes in retailing

Please indicate how much you agree to the following statements. Remember all information is anonymous

42. I consider training and development opportunities as an important part of my membership in the association
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
43. I feel that I have been adequately trained and prepared for most of my job requirements
44. I would like the association to arrange for 1-2 day seminars on leadership, communication and and other subjects and invite me to attend.
45. Do you attend our annual conferences and regional conferences?
46. How can we improve these networking and education conferences to better meet your needs?

47. If you don't attend, why? Please be specific about how we are not meeting your needs.

Please take the time to respond thoroughly and candidly to the following questions. No one will be able to connect your answers to you.

48. What issues are most important to you and your organization?

49. What should be the top priorities of our association? What can we do to help you and your team?

50. What other message would you like to relay to the top leadership of our association? (Thanks, suggestions, critiques, you name it!)