Healthcare Team Survey

Instructions: This survey is going out to all employees in our healthcare organization. Our goal is to find out what you genuinely feel about a number of areas so we can focus on making improvements and building on our strengths. You can make this possible by taking the time to carefully reflect and provide honest answers and helpful comments and suggestions, especially in the last few open-ended questions. Your data is completely anonymous and flows into a third-party vendor where no record is made of where the data comes from. After all the data is in, the program will combine all the data and provide a composite report that averages the answers and combines the comments. This survey should take no longer than twenty minutes to complete. Thanks!

1. What position do you hold in our healthcare team?
1. I am in a management/supervisory role
2. I am in an office staff position (Customer Service, Billing, Data Entry, Claims, etc.)
3. I am a clinician or clinical assistant.
4. I am in marketing, sales or PR.
2. In what department or area do you work?
1. Executive Level
2. _____ department
3. ______ department
6. IT

We Have the Right Folks....

3. We are hiring the right people who have both the right job skills and the right personality fit for our team.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
4. We orient, teach and train new employees well when they arrive.
5. People receive assignments that challenge their abilities, provide new learning, and stretch them "just right."
6. There are opportunities for promotion and growth in this company.
7. We have a good "succession planning" system in place to develop the future leaders we will need as we grow.
8. Work is distributed fairly: some folks are not getting "burned out" while others are slacking or under-used.
9. Any comments about this "right folks" area?

Doing the Right Work...

10. We are doing the right work to make this organization successful now and in the future.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
11. We are doing "first things first:" we are focused on the most important things to the most important customers.
12. I understand and am personally aligned to a clear organization vision and mission statement.
13. I agree with the direction the company or organization is taking.
14. This company does a good job of translating strategy into well-understood goals and plans.
15. We have effective scoreboards in place so I know exactly how the company and my team are doing on the important goals.
16. Any comments about "the right work" area?

For the Right Reasons...

17. Our company values are clear and aligned with our path.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
18. We live our values: I feel comfortable with how we "walk our talk" with our values, personally and organizationally.
19. People are putting the good of the whole above their personal aspirations, egos and pride.
20. I think we really care about our customers and our mission, and it shows in how we serve them.
21. Any comments about "the right reasons" area?

With the Right Leadership...

22. Our leaders are doing an effective job in leading this organization in the right direction.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
23. Our leaders model the way in their values, ethics and integrity. I know where they stand and they "walk their talk."
24. Our leaders work with us, not over us, to co-create an empowered team.
25. I am treated with respect and dignity at work.
26. Poor work is addressed in a constructive manner: people are not allowed to "get away with stuff."
27. My direct supervisor is very effective in empowering me and bringing out the best in me.
28. Our leaders inspire us with a shared and well-communicated vision and future for the company.
29. Leaders keep their promises to employees.
30. Problems are solved quickly and don't need to become a crisis before something is done.
31. Our leaders know their stuff: they are technically skilled and I respect their knowledge and skills
32. Our leaders have great people skills: they care about and build relationships with me and others.
33. I feel free to communicate bad news to my management.
34. Management is effective at making tough decisions required to operate effectively.
35. Any comments you'd like to make about leadership?

With the Right Information...

36. In this organization good two-way communication exists between employees and management.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
37. I receive sufficient information to do my job effectively.
38. I receive the needed coaching and feedback about my performance.
39. There is an effective system for sharing ideas and things we are learning.
40. Meetings are effective: short, helpful, and help us do the right work right.
41. Any comments about information and how you get or don't get it?

In the Right Structure and Processes...

42. The structure of our company makes good sense. It allows me to work effectively and efficiently with the right folks.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
43. People are able to get work done without encountering excessive bureaucracy and red-tape.
44. Current reporting relationships are clear and make sense to me.
45. My work area is run efficiently.
46. Our reporting system makes sense: not too many reports, and the right things are reported.
47. Outdated or unnecessary steps are eliminated or redesigned: we are finding better and more efficient ways to do things.
48. The people using the processes are involved in any process redesign.
49. Any comments about our structure and processes?

With the Right Power...

50. I feel empowered to do my job. I am not overly micro-managed and am allowed to make appropriate decisions and find better ways to do things.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
51. I feel my direct supervisor and other leaders are open to my ideas and listen to and value my input and try to act on it.
52. I feel we have a climate where we can challenge traditional ways of doing things.
53. This company spends the right amount of time and money on the training and development of people.
54. I feel well technically trained to do my job, I'm given enough job-related skills training.
55. I am also given enough "people skills" training: I am given skills for getting along well with others and building relationships.
56. I have sufficient other resources (equipment, material, budget) to do my job efficiently and effectively.
57. I'm given enough time to do high quality, effective work, yet I have enough work to stay busy and feel accomplishment.
58. Any comments about empowerment, training and resources?

For the Right Rewards...

59. People receive proper recognition for good work.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
60. We are receiving enough non-monetary recognitions and rewards, such as warm and genuine thanks and other such reinforcements.
61. Rewards are determined according to what people say is important to them, rather than having an arbitrary reward imposed on us.
62. I am confident that I will be treated fairly.
63. There is opportunity for individual growth and career development in this organization.
64. I feel appreciated for the work I do well: managers and others take time to thank me, not just correct me for errors.
65. I am paid fairly for the work I do: given the industry and economy we are in, I feel satisfied with my pay and benefits.
66. All in all, I am satisifed with my current job.
67. We are having fun at work. I look forward to coming to work in the morning.
68. I rarely think about quitting my job to go to a different company.
69. Based on your experiences in our company so far, how likely is it you would recommend working for us to a friend or fellow colleague?
0 (highly unlikely) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (extremely likely)
70. Any comments or suggestions about rewards and recognition and how you feel at work?

Please be open, helpful and candid in answering these next open-ended questions. Provide concrete feedback, suggestions and critiques. Remember, no one can trace anything you say back to you. This is a chance to really be heard!

71. What do you like best about our company or organization so far?

72. What excites and motivates you at work?

73. What is one thing that seems to frustrate you as you try to serve our customers or get your job done?

74. If you were the leader of our company, and had a "magic wand" to fix anything, where would you start?

75. What should we stop doing that we are now doing?

76. What should we start doing that we are not now doing?

77. What should we continue doing that you really like and appreciate?

78. What is another suggestion, about anything, that you'd like us to consider as we strive to improve things?

Thanks for completing the survey. Just click the submit button ONCE to submit your answers. If you get a confirmation notice back, you know your input made it in.