Greatness Survey

Instructions: This survey is going out to all employees in our organization to help us look at four areas of greatness: Great People, Great Leaders, Great Execution and Great Trust. We want to help the organization become greater in the years ahead, and need to know which of these four areas need the most emphasis. Your answers are completely confidential and flow anonymously into a third-party server. Nothing you say can be traced back to you, so please be candid. We appreciate your time and attention!

1. What position do you hold in the organization?
1. I am a senior leader/executive
2: I am in a mid level or line management/supervisory role
3. I am in an office or admin staff position
4. Other

Great People

2. Our people are proactive, not reactive; they take responsibility, show initiative, avoid blaming others, and make things happen.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
3. Our people work well together in teams, showing synergy and unity, and get along well with each other.
4. People are goal focused and generally "begin with a clear end in mind."
5. People use their time well at work; they avoid time-wasters, stay focused on what matters most, and work effectively.
6. We tend to "think win-win" with each other, and seek mutual benefit with our clients and customers.
7. Our people seek to understand and respect others' viewpoints, and listen well and empathically.
8. Our organization takes care of our people; we are not "killing the goose to get the golden eggs"
9. People seem generally healthy and balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and are taking care of themselves.

Great Leaders

10. I feel we are well led: our leaders are heading us in the right direction, and doing the right things to help us be successful.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
11. I fully trust the character, ethics and integrity of our leaders. They "walk their talk" and have the best interest of the team at heart.
12. Our leaders know their stuff: they are technically skilled and I respect their knowledge and skills
13. Our leaders have provided us a clear and compelling purpose, vision and mission.
14. I feel my direct supervisor and other leaders are open to my ideas and listen to and value my input and try to act on it.
15. Our leaders have created systems and structures that make sense and allow us to do our work effectively.
16. We have effective hiring and training systems in place to attract and develop top talent.
17. My direct supervisor is very effective in empowering me and bringing out the best in me.
18. I feel deeply satisfied with my work and career.

Great Execution

19. I know exactly what the top two or three goals and priorities are for our team at this time.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
20. I feel we are focusing our top efforts on a few clearly defined goals and not attempting to do too much at once.
21. I clearly understand how my daily work aligns with our top goals and priorities
22. We have clear, effective, updated scoreboards that tell us how we and the agency are doing on our top goals.
23. I feel empowered to do my job. I am not overly micro-managed and am allowed to make appropriate decisions and find better ways to do things.
24. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for what we do or don't do.
25. Our workforce is equally engaged and committed: we don' t have many slacking while others do most of the work.
26. Generallly, I feel we execute our strategy very well and get the most important things done.

Great Trust

27. We live our values: I feel comfortable with how we "walk our talk" with our values, personally and organizationally.
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
28. People are putting the good of the whole above their personal aspirations, egos and pride.
29. People are competent in their skills enough to be credible and trustworthy.
30. Our people are of good character: they can be trusted in their ethics, loyalty and integrity.
31. Leaders keep their promises to employees.
32. We have a culture of very high trust within our organization: we trust each other, and high trust exists between teams.
33. Our customers, vendors and outside partners seem to trust us.
34. We show loyalty to each other: there is little "back biting."
35. We can be trusted to "get the job done" well and on time.
36. I feel that leaders show trust in their staff: our policies and procedures communicate to us that we are trusted.

Please be open, helpful and candid in answering these next open-ended questions. Provide concrete feedback, suggestions and critiques. Remember, no one can trace anything you say back to you. This is a chance to really be heard!

37. What do you like best about our company or organization so far?

38. What is one thing that seems to frustrate you as you try to serve our customers or get your job done?

39. If you were the leader of our company, and had a "magic wand" to fix anything, where would you start?

40. What should we start doing that we are not now doing?

41. What is another suggestion, about anything, that you'd like us to consider as we strive to improve things?

Thanks for completing the survey. Just click the submit button ONCE to submit your answers. If you get a confirmation notice back, you know your input made it in.