Sample School Employee Training Needs Survey

This survey is being conducted to help us design our future training and development offerings for our school. We want to "diagnose before we prescribe" by listening to what you think our training and development priorities should be. Your answers are completely anonymous and the data is rolled-up into a combined report. Please be candid and thorough in your feedback. Thanks: your input will help us create an excellent professional development program this coming year.

1. First, please indicate your position in the school by selecting one of these choices:
1. Administrator
2. Teacher/Faculty
3. Office Staff
4. Teaching Assistant
5. Education Specialist
6. Custodial/Maintenance Staff

Please rank from 1-5 how much you'd like to receive more training on:

2. Resolving conflict (team and interpersonal)
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
3. Communicating more effectively: assertiveness, active listening, understanding communication styles in self and others
4. Delegating: how to delegate better to others
5. Managing stress in self and/or team and classroom
6. Business writing skills
7. Becoming an effective leader: understanding more what leadership is and what great leaders do
8. Developing vision and mission statements for school, department or team
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
9. Improving meetings: how to lead and conduct effective and productive meetings
10. Customer service: how to really deliver extraordinary service
11. How to find more joy in life and everyday living
12. Living a balanced life: balancing work and personal life
13. How to hire, build and motivate a service support team
14. Strategic Thinking and long-range district/school or team strategic planning
15. Motivating and empowering others in my team
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
16. Teamwork: building and improving teams
17. Dealing with difficult personalities, co-workers and people
18. Effective listening: how to become a more effective, active listener
19. Managing and improving others' individual performance: how to do performance appraisals and coaching meetings
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
20. Working with difficult parents and students
21. Planning and navigating change: leading others through change
22. Cross-gender communication and work styles: how to understand, communicate and work better with the "other" gender
23. Improving office communications
24. Managing my time better, and helping others manage their time
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
25. Crucial Conversations: how to handle tough, crucial, emotion laden conversations in order to get to better results
26. Crucial Confrontations: how to safely and effectively deal with broken promises, bad behavior or violated expectations
27. Managing projects: how to plan, direct and see-through large and small projects
28. Creative problem solving and creative thinking
29. Coaching, mentoring and counseling others in work performance
30. How to give more effective presentations: how to be better "on my feet" as a presenter
31. Train the trainer: how to become a more effective trainer of both hard and soft skills
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
32. Tracking actions staying on top of all that is going on
33. Interviewing job applicants: how to conduct job interviews
34. Networking: how to create and maintain a professional network
35. Initiative: how to show the right kind of initiative
36. Improving work processes: ways to make work flow more effectively and efficiently
1: None 2: Little 3: Half 4: Mostly 5: Extremely
37. Followership: how to be a more effective team player and follower
38. Assessing yourself as a leader through 360-degree leadership profiles

Please indicate how much you agree to the following statements. Remember all information is anonymous

39. I consider training and development opportunities as an important benefit of employment
Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Agree Agree Strongly
40. I feel that I have been adequately trained and prepared for most of my job requirements
41. I like the idea of having regularly scheduled seminars and professional development opportunities
42. I believe training sessions should be regularly scheduled each month rather than on an ad-hoc basis
43. I would like to begin or continue adding to my formal education (college classes, etc.)
44. We should have a training committee in our organization with representatives from each department to help determine and plan training programs

Please take the time to respond thoroughly and candidly to the following questions. No one will be able to connect your answers to you.

45. What other topics would you be interested in learning as professional development? What job or interpersonal skills do you want to improve?

46. If you had a magic wand and could fix just ONE THING in the organization what would it be?

47. What is another suggestion, about anything, that you'd like us to consider as we strive to improve things?

48. What other message would you like to relay to the top leadership of our school? (Thanks, suggestions, critiques, you name it!)